Generative AI-powered life assistant for autistic kids and adults; your virtual all-in-one therapist 24x7 available to you and your loved ones

Generative AI powered human-like assistant and virtual smart therapist, trained with most proven methods like Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), filling the gaps for much needed early intervention, ending the stress and nightmare of parents

Human Like

Natural look and voice, a virtual guru on becoming a truly loved life companion for these lonely kids

Smart Explainer

Tap on an item on the back camera's live video feed to learn about any object as a human speech therapist would engage an autistic kid!

Smart Behavior Analyzer

Front camera's live feed analysis and voice analysis to strategize the use of motivators and reinforcers (e.g. youtube videos) nearly as well as a human therapist.

Smart Talker

Eye motion analysis and/or next-gen screen icon language and sentence builder!

Enter a new age of life independence building for autistic kids

Covering the scarcity of expensive skilled therapists, reducing pains, increasing chances of improvements and outcomes for kids and their families

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